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We produce 360 & VR tourist excurcion, documentaries, movies, entertainment shows, science films, computer animated films or live action films on behalf of our clients or develop our own projects. We write the story, produce, shoot and direct the film, doing the entire editing and visual effect postproduction and master the film for the dome presentation.


Why choose a 360 Cinema:
  • We know the answers for the most questions
  • We will help you to get right decision
  • One of the main questions we get is – how much does it cost? Honestly, in fulldome production, there is not an easy answer. So, to de-mystify the million dollar question (don’t worry it does not cost that much!) we thought we would open hundreds internet pages and compare the costing process. Primarily, for this post we are looking at 360 video projects.Before we can quote on any job, we want to understand who the end user is and how they are going to use the content, is this project for VR (Oculus, HTC, Samsung Gear or others), for Google Cardboard, desktop or mobile distribution on Youtube 360 or for a 360 FullDome cinema theater with 8K resolution. The choice here makes a big impact on how we capture the footage and therefore the cost. 
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FullDome films Guru

15 year expirience in the 5D stereo movies industry, with 20 films distributed in 20 countries. We also have been involved in the fulldome industry for the last 3 years.


What is the 360 Cinema production:
  • Fulldome cinema is a new genre in filmmaking – and every day we strive to become better, to anticipate the expectations of our clients.
  • Fulldome cinema is “expanded cinema”, like augmented reality, goes beyond the screen, fills the entire visual field of the spectator and therefore immerses (integrates or surrounds) the audience in the most impressive way.
  • With fulldome cinema the audience is inside the film, becomes part of the film, is surrounded by moving images, gets a realistic impression of the location, becomes weightless, is floating in space and enters a completely new area of imagination.Fulldome cinema offers the most impressive film presentation possible today. It is more realistic and pleasant than regular 3-D films, it is not limited to a singular experience like in Caves. Fulldome cinema is real 3-D, surrounding cinema.
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